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Private Policy 個人資料私隱政策

At Cocoon, the privacy and protection of personal information is important. We respect the personal information of our employees and shareholders. Therefore, we are committed to privacy in terms of the collection, use, retention, and disclosure of personal information. We will work to minimize intrusion, protect confidentiality, maintain accurate records, explain our privacy policies when appropriate, and comply with applicable laws and regulations in the jurisdictions in which we do business.

中國天弓非常關注個人資料之保密及保障, 我們重視股東及僱員之個人資料; 因此我們承諾對於個人資料之收集,使用,保留及披露均予以保密; 我們致力遏止侵奪, 盡力保護及準確記錄個人資料, 適當地解釋私隱政策, 符合相關適用法律及條例。

中国天弓非常关注个人资料之保密及保障, 我们重视股东及僱员之个人资料; 因此我们承诺对於个人资料之收集,使用,保留及披露均予以保密; 我们致力遏止侵夺, 尽力保护及準确记录个人资料, 适当地解释私隐政策, 符合相关适用法律及条例。